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Owen Developments Turbo Rebuilding


Why choose Owen Developments?

Turbo rebuilding has been our bread and butter for decades! 

From World Rally Cars to Diesel work vans, we have the experience and capability to service almost any turbo make and model. 


Exceptionally high standards - Our staff are highly trained and extremely meticulous in their workmanship; where possible, almost all turbos that leave our facility are tested and balanced on our state of the art Vibration Sorting Rig (VSR) and, or flow bench.


Only when your turbo looks and performs at its best will our veteran quality control team sign off your rebuild, meaning we can guarantee a level of service like no other. 


We also have the facility to retrofit, calibrate and rebuild a wide range of actuators -pneumatic and electronic and can rebuild most wastegates. 


We offer a FREE strip and inspect service when you accept a rebuild quote *this is otherwise chargeable at £80+VAT.

If you'd like us to service your turbo or have any related rebuild work, please download the form and include a printed copy with the return of your turbo to;

Owen Developments, 28,  Kingston Business Park, Kingston Bagpuize, Oxford OX13 5AS

Turbo Rebuildng


  • How much does it cost to rebuild a turbo?

We get asked this question a lot but unfortunately there is no simple answer. Assuming the running components are not damaged and the turbo only requires a service kit, you can generally expect a price in the region of £300. 

The best thing to do is to give us a call or send your turbo to us for a free inspection*

  • Will anti-lag or launch control damage my turbo?

The short answer is, yes...eventually. 

We all love the obnoxiousness of launch control and anti-lag, but the truth is, they can be extremely harsh on a turbo!

A wise man once said "with great power, comes great responsibility".

Our advice, it's awesome, but use with caution...

  • How long does a rebuild take?

This can vary with busy periods, at the beginning of the race season we're usually extremely busy as we support the likes of the BTCC, MINI Challenge and various other race series. That being said, we always prioritise road car turbo rebuilds as we know how frustrating it can be having your car off the road. We hold a large stock of components and have super fast suppliers for anything we don't have in on the shelf meaning our lead times are always competitive.

As a general rule, we like to try and offer a one weeks turn around or less but sometimes this can be up to five weeks at the height of our busy season. We'll always keep you informed when we're super busy though!

  • Can you hybrid my turbo?

Hybrid conversions have been part of our history for decades, not only do we hold a large stock of uprated components for various turbos, we have extensive knowledge in the field of turbo conversions and are always looking to add to our portfolio. Contact us below for more details on how we can help improve your turbo.

Owen Developments Machine Shop
Turbo Hybrid

We're highly experienced in hybrid work and have successfully modified a multitude of OEM and aftermarket turbos, improving power and responsiveness for a wide range of applications. 

If you're interested in more information or a quote on a hybrid conversion please contact us directly.

Owen Developments Precision Turbo Rebuilding


Official Precision Turbo Repair Centre

We've been working closely with Precision Turbo for many years and have facility to repair almost any Precision Turbocharger.

If you would like us to look over your Precision unit, download our service request form and send it in with your turbo.

Owen Developments Turbo Balancing

(Above) Our VSR (Vibrational Sorting Rig) is used to test and calibrate each turbo to strict parameters before they leave our facility.

(Left) Prodrive 2006 Subaru Impreza, World Rally Car turbo - One of the many exquisite turbos we are trusted to rebuild at the Owen Developments HQ.

Over time, wastegate valves can become heavily worn meaning the critical seal that is created by the wastegate valve loses its efficiency.

We have repaired and uprated thousands of wastegate valve assemblies over the years with billet stainless components, all machined in house in our precision machine shop.

Owen Developments Machine SHop
WRC Rally Car Turbo
Vibrational Sort Rig (VSR)
Compressor Wheels
Hybrid Request Form 

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