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Revo IS38


Turbos are in our DNA so it should come as no surprise that carrying out hybrid conversions to turbos is  a fundamental aspect of what we do. 

With 40+ years experience working with turbos, we know exactly how to get the best out of your turbo!

Not all turbos are capable of making more power due to design restrictions in the housings for example, but the ones that are can truly transform the performance of a vehicle. With the right modifications to accompany, a hybrid conversion could be the last piece of the puzzle to unleashing your vehicles true potential.

Contact us for details or requests on a hybrid conversion for your turbo.

Here are some examples of the hybrid conversions we've carried out:


  • Ford Focus ST 2.5 2005-2010 

 Stock power: 225hp                                                                         Hybrid power :  300hp+

  • Vauxhall Astra VXR 2005-2011

Stock power: 236hp                                                                           Hybrid power : 300hp+

  • Land Rover Discovery 2.5 td5 1998-2007

Stock power: 136hp                                                                           Hybrid power : 170-200hp

  • Mini Cooper S R56 2006-2013

 Stock power: 173hp                                                                          Hybrid power :  300hp

  • VW Golf GTI MK5/6 2004-2012

 Stock power:  200hp                                                                         Hybrid power : 350-400hp

  • Mitsubishi EVO 4-9 1996-2007

 Stock power:  289-360hp                                                                 Hybrid power :  530hp+

  • Fiat 500 Abarth 2008-2021

 Stock power:  140hp                                                                         Hybrid power :  300hp

If you're interested in a hybrid conversion to your vehicle, send us a request below.


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