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Owen Developments GBT


The Owen Developments GBT performance turbocharger range covers 250-850HP engine outputs.

Our turbos are fitted with a HTA billet compressor wheel, billet heat shield and billet anodised adapter ring, along with a motorsport spec bearing system and conical compressor nut.

Our turbos also offer additional unique features such as the a serviceable in-line oil filter and the option to install speed sensor and boost pressure fitment into the specifically designed compressor cover castings.

GBT Turbine Housing
GBT Compressor Wheel


Owen Developments GBT
Compressor Wheels
Owen Developments GBT

The GBT turbo range consists of three frame sizes: 54mm, 61mm and 69mm. These figures refer to the turbine wheel inducer blade diameter; each are compatible with a range of different compressor wheels from 63.5mm up to 88mm depending on frame size. We also offer three individual compressor covers to suit various build specs, MA3, MA5 and MA7, allowing you to create a bespoke turbo to suit you requirements.

We offer a range of turbine housings, NT3, NT5 and NT7 to suit each frame size, with a choice of two different flanges, T3 or V-band.  These are also available in 0.62 and 0.82A/R.

We also offer an internal wastegate turbine housing for a 54mm frame size build.


You can have a choice of either water cooled or air cooled bearing housing and the option to choose from our signature anodised red compressor wheel or raw billet.


See below for details on turbo build combinations and their corresponding power range. 

GBT 54

Power Range: 250HP - 530HP

The 54 frame GBT is our smallest, lightest and fastest spooling turbo. 

Designed for 1.6-2.0L engines, these spin up like a beast!

GBT 61 turbo
GBT 61

Power Range: 360HP - 650HP

The 61 frame GBT is our medium frame turbo.

Designed for 1.8-3.0L engines, these are perfect for most fast road applications with the perfect balance between high power and fast spool.

GBT 69 turbo
GBT 69

Power Range: 440HP - 820HP

The 69 frame GBT is our largest available turbo. Suited to 2.0-4.0L engines, this turbo packs a serious punch while still delivering impressively fast spool.

untitled_artwork (69).png


The 54mm frame GBT is suited for smaller capacity engines; around 1.6-2.0 litre. They are capable of producing engine outputs up to 530bhp. The wide range of compressor wheel sizes and turbine housing options available for this unit means it can be  customised for many applications and is  a popular choice for twin turbocharging.

untitled_artwork (70).png


The 61mm frame GBT is the mid-sized option in the range. This unit will typically suit 1.8-3.0 litre engines providing outputs from 400-670bhp. With cross over in power figures from the 54mm to the 61mm, the operating compressor efficiency can always be high with the correct unit selection. An added advantage to the Ma5 cover is that it has the same fitment as the Ma7 cover and therefor are interchangeable by design. 

untitled_artwork (71).png


The 69mm frame GBT is the largest in the range. This option caters for the larger displacement or higher revving engines requiring greater power outputs. The 69mm is capable of producing engine output from 440bhp-820bhp using 2.0 to 4.0 litre engine configurations. There are 5 compressor wheel size choices. The Ma5 and Ma7 covers can both be used.

engineering drawing




The combination of experienced staff, sector leading machinery, advanced dynamic turbo balancing and quality control has led to sole turbocharger status in prestigious race series such as : FIA F2, British Touring Car, MINI Challenge, Indy Lights and China Touring Car Championship. 


The experience gained in these disciplines have directly carried over to the design and production of our GBT turbos, ensuring they are built to a quality of excellence with motorsport in their DNA.

Unique to GBT's, our turbos are fully rebuild-able meaning if you want to upgrade wheels or covers, or need repair work, each individual component can be replaced. 

This not only makes servicing your turbo cheaper, it means you have full control over the spec of your turbo. 

enginering drawing
Owen Developments GBT Turbo
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