Partnered with 'Evolution Chips', we offer a wide range of applications to equip your car with an 'Evolution Chips' remap.

Their database covers over 56,000 different ECU types. 

If you're interested in an ECU remap, book now to get the most out of your vehicle with easy and affordable tuning.

ECU Remaps 
With Evolution Chips

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Revo Software

Revo performance calibration is designed to work with the specific ECU found in your vehicle. Their software goes through extensive research, analysis, development and testing as part of their quality assurance program meaning a software map for your vehicle will not only improve power output, but also improve driving experience with perfectly balanced economy and longevity. 

The software stages are designed to cater for completely standard (Stage1) all the way through to fully built engines, uprated turbochargers and fuelling systems (Stage4/5).

Whether road, track or race, all of the Revo software upgrades are tested under the same program giving a seamless transition from the road to the track.

At Garage OD we are fully equipped to install all Revo software upgrades along with accompanying bolt-on upgrades. Feel free to contact us below for more details or to see whether your vehicle is eligible for a Revo software install.

Revo Software

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MoTeC Software

MoTeC has been a household name in  the motorsport industry for decades, and with good reason. With some of the most advanced software available for performance vehicles, MoTeC offer a huge range of ECU software and accessories to complete the most advanced engine builds.

We've been a working with MoTeC for over 20 years, and as an official distributor can source any of their products to meet your requirements. 

Contact us below for any enquiries.