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At the OD Garage, our veteran 20+ years Service Department offers you a service quality at the very highest of levels thanks to professional expertise and a brand new state-of-the-art workshop. 
With a four tonne lift, we have facility to not only look after high performance cars, but 4X4's and vans too. 


  • Where possible, we like to use the highest quality of fluids and lubricants in order to give you the best quality service possible. 


  • With highly trained technicians, current diagnostic equipment and an informative service team we can service your car promptly at a competitive rate.

  • Fault finding and diagnostics - Vehicles running problems can be frustrating at the best of times, that's why we use the latest diagnostics software, accompanied by over 20 years experience in the motor trade.


  • Whatever your needs, we’re here to help - online, in person or on the telephone.​

If you'd like to book your vehicle in with us, feel free to contact online through our website booking in form, or give us a call anytime to discuss your requirements.


DPF Cleaning

from £149.00 +VAT

Diesel Particulate Filters are made of a porous ceramic honeycomb allowing  exhaust gas to enter, passes through the porous walls and trap the particulate matter. Particulate matter in the DPF is made up of soot and ash.

Soot is normally removed from the DPF through regeneration, but over time a build up of ash forms in the channels of the DPF causing blockages in the filter and drastically reducing flow through the component.

In some cases, ash build-up may also occur causing blockages to form near the middle of the filter, effectively blocking flow through the remainder of the channel.

​Ash build-up is the primary reason for premature DPF failure and is the most important factor controlling the service life of the filter, this also puts extra strain on the engine due to increased back pressure - making it harder for the engine to breathe, reducing performance and increasing fuel consumption.

When the filter is blocked, options such as forced regeneration or chemical additives will only remove some of the soot, but not the ash.

If high ash levels remain, this will, at best, only be a short-term solution and therefore a potential waste of time and money.

DPF’s can be restored to virtually new condition by thorough cleaning, removing both soot and ash, as well as recovering DPF’s with oil and coolant contamination.

At Garage OD, we offer a full DPF cleaning service, fully restoring your DPF saving you money on new components, improving/restoring engine performance and fuel economy.

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from £99.00 +VAT

Injector Testing

We offer a injector testing & servicing package, from £99.00+VAT for 4 (additional injectors are +£20 per unit) *Plus labour for removal and installation where applicable. 


With our flow bench we are able to service and test the spray pattern and flow rates on all types of petrol car injectors with a print out data sheet on all services.


In the trade? Contact us for more details on  how we can work with your business to offer competitive injector cleaning services. ​

Over time  fuel Injectors can get blocked and deteriorate, common warning signs or injector issues can include sudden increased fuel consumption, running issues such as lumpy or irregular idle or misfiring.

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms, it can be a good idea to check the condition of the injectors. 

If we find their function to be impaired, our injector cleaning facility can balance and clean the components along with replacing any seals and filters if necessary.

Our injector service includes the following:

  • Initial flow testing
    The first step in the process is initial flow testing. Flow testing includes inspection for leaks, Resistance testing, spray pattern, pulse operation, and flow rate verification.


  • Ultrasonic cleaning (If Selected)
    After cleaning any dirt and lose particles off the body of the injectors we immerse the injectors in an ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning solution while simultaneously pulsing and back flushing them in order to help remove all debris and deposits from inside the injector.

  • Post-cleaning test
    Once the injectors have been cleaned, we flow test the injectors again to ensure that they are all performing optimally.


  • Flow data sheet
    You will receive a flow sheet which contains flow data from the initial test as well as the post-cleaning test.


  • Seal and filter replacement
    We will replace all standard injector seals if necessary – (Please make sure you include the injector seals with the injectors so that we can match the seals that fit the vehicle) Many injectors also use an internal screen or ‘filter basket’ which we replace if necessary.

DPF/ Injector
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