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Here you can find all the accessories for your turbo; from housings to wastegates, and blow-off valves to silicon hoses. More lines will be added in coming weeks.

Enquiries are welcome and dealt with by our sales team, please feel free to call us on 01865 821062 or email us to enquire on the price and availability of your turbo parts. It would be helpful to us to quickly identify your turbo, if you are able to locate and give the turbocharger part number which is always visible on the turbo itself and any other identification marks, labels or numbers, then we can quickly adivise you of the parts best suited to your needs.

Turbocharger Accessories
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Zircotec Diamond Black
This coating is designed to provide an attractive yet extremely tough and durable finish that is exceptionally hard wearing and highly resistant to stone chipping and other forms of mechanical…
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Zircotec Performance Colours
This coating offers all of the performance of white with a long lasting, attractive colour finish. There are fourteen colours available; Sterling Silver, Antique Silver, Yellow Gold, Copper,…
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Zircotec Performance White
This coating is an ultra-high performance coating that is ideal for motorsport and performance applications.   Double layered coating-                …
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Zircotec Primary Black
Primary Black™ is the lower cost derivative of Zircotec’s Thermohold® based ceramic coatings which balances overall thermal performance with affordability. The coating aims to…
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Zircotec ZircoFlex Advanced Heat Shield Material
ZircoFlex® is a flexible ceramic heat shield material, offering superb thermal barrier protection at minimal weight and thickness. This material is produced as thin aluminium backed foil…
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