Motec M1 Package - MINI R56

Motec M1 Package - MINI R56

Manufacturer: Motec
Product Type: ECU
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  • Product Description

MoTeC's new MINI R56 package is a fully programmable replacement for the factory fitted ECU in MINI R56 models, 2008 onwards with N14B16 engines.

With numerous pre-configured parameters, it integrates with many of the vehicle's original systems including:

 Direct Injection

 Stability Control

 Power Steering


 Purge Canister

It also supports the tachometer and speedometer in the factory dash.

This package is designed to work with MoTeC's M142 Direct Injection ECU hardware. It requires the MINI R56 Firmware Licence to run.


 Pre-configured sensor calibrations for Original Equipment (OE) sensors and engine triggers.

 Pre-configured control of primary (Direct Injector) fuel system.

 Optionally configurable secondary (Port Injector) fuel control with a tuneable balance table.

 Only saturated (high-ohm) secondary injectors are supported in this hardware. Peak-hold (low-ohm) secondary injectors are not supported.

 Pre-configured reference mode for engine synchronisation and control of 2 camshafts with tuneable inlet and exhaust timing tables.

 Pre-configured physical settings for engine displacement, fuel density, stoichiometric ratio, fuel pressure, and primary injector linearisation, which allow for simplified engine start-up prior to tuning.

 Pre-configured CAN messaging for OE systems including ABS/VSC, dashboard and power steering.

 Pre-configured control of 2 OE coolant fans with temperature thresholds.

 Pre-configured transient fuelling compensation using physical modelling of fuel film for direct injectors.

 Pre-configured wheel speed detection via CAN from OE ABS system, allowing gear detection via engine speed/wheel speed estimate.

 Pre-configured on-board knock control for each cylinder using the OE knock sensor (optionally can be configured to use up to 4 sensors) and selectable centre frequency.

 Pre-configured camshaft control for inlet and exhaust cams.

 Configurable boost control with single wastegate actuator. Single and dual solenoids supported.

 Configurable anti-lag for single turbo variants with ignition timing limit, fuel volume trim, ignition cut, fuel cut, engine speed limit, boost aim and throttle aim tables.

 Configurable closed loop alternator system for PWM field winding control.

 OE MINI alternators are not controlled by this subsystem, and will default to 14.0V.

 Gearbox position detection via sensor or engine speed/wheel speed.

 Gearbox shift request via up shift switch/down shift switch or gear lever force sensor.

 Gearbox shift control with ignition cut and engine speed matching.

 GPS acquisition and logging via CAN or RS232.

 Intercooler temperature and spray control.

 Lap distance, time and number via BR2 or switched input, with split and sector options.

 Configurable launch control with tables.

 Race time system with tables for ignition timing trim, fuel mixture aim, boost limit, and throttle limit.

 Engine Load Average channel with tables for engine speed limit, ignition timing trim, fuel mixture aim, boost limit, and throttle limit.

 Engine run time total for engine hour logging.

 Configurable security for multiple users with differing access options.

 ECU CAN Receive from a defined ID base address for data reception from MoTeC devices.

 6 configurable driver switches, 4 rotary switches and 6 CAN switches each with 9 positions that can be simultaneously mapped to launch control, pit switch, anti-lag, traction, race time reset, engine speed limit maximum, throttle pedal translation, fuel volume trim, ignition timing, fuel mixture aim, boost limit, traction aim, and traction control range.

 Pulsed tachometer output with configurable output pin and scaling.

 Transmission pump output with transmission temperature threshold and hysteresis control.

 Traction control with tables for aim main, aim compensation, control range.

 Optional channels for additional sensors via input pin and/or CAN message.




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