Motec M1 Package - FIA Rallycross

Motec M1 Package - FIA Rallycross

Manufacturer: Motec
Product Type: ECU
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  • Product Description

This versatile and adaptable firmware package is designed to operate turbocharged, port-injected, 4 cylinder gasoline engines with strategies tailored specifically to Rallycross. It complies with the FIA Regulations for 2014 Rallycross cars.

The package incorporates many ancillary features such as anti-lag, driver switches (launch enable, boost trim etc.), knock control, launch control, chassis logging (steering), gearbox coolant pumps, boost control utilising turbo speed, and anti-jerk. Four definable control outputs are also available for additional needs.

MoTeC's FIA Rallycross package can be used with M130 and M150 ECUs. 


 Configurable synchronisation modes accommodate most popular modern engines

 Supplied sensor calibrations cater for many common automotive sensors

 Configurable Top Dead Centre position for each cylinder

 Configurable ignition output pin for each cylinder

 Configurable on-board knock

 Configurable boost control for a single turbo

 Configurable anti-lag for a single turbo

 Configurable anti-jerk

 Configurable throttle bypass control for common systems, e.g. Tibuc


MoTeC's M1 FIA Rallycross package complies with FIA Article 279 - 2014 (Technical Regulations for Rallycross Cars).

Specifically, the following strategies and features are not present in the package:

 GPS support

 Variable intake geometry

 Water injection

 Intercooler spray

 Traction control

 Drive by Wire throttles

 Variable valve timing

The following strategies and features are present in the package, but for testing purposes only. They must be disabled/disconnected for race events:

 Gear position

 Wheel speed



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