Zircotec ZircoFlex Advanced Heat Shield Material
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Zircotec ZircoFlex Advanced Heat Shield Material

Manufacturer: Zircotec
Product Type: Ceramic Coating
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  • Product Description

ZircoFlex® is a flexible ceramic heat shield material, offering superb thermal barrier protection at minimal weight and thickness. This material is produced as thin aluminium backed foil that can be used in a host of applications.

  Flexible- ZircoFlex® is easily bent and manipulated to suit different geometries, and can even be folded tightly through 180° without damaging the thermal barrier

  Lightweight- ZircoFlex® weighs only 0.46kg/m2

  Extremely thin-(0.25mm overall for ZircoFlex® I) needing only minimal space for installation

  Aluminium backed-the material is robust and easy to handle

  Easily cut and installed-by hand or machine

  Easily fixed in place-using either mechanical fasteners or high temperature adhesives (supplied separately)


Versions of ZircoFlex® for every application-

ZircoFlex® I- this is ZircoFlex® in its single thickness format; supplied in four sizes, some with self-adhesive options

ZircoFlex® II- an engineered double thickness format offering additional thermal barrier performance and a little more rigidity; still thin (~0.5mm) and lightweight (~1kg/m2); it is supplied in a number of sizes. All sizes are available in a self-adhesive version.

ZircoFlex® III- an engineered triple thick ness format offering yet more thermal performance. This is a relatively rigid material that can be used to construct small self-supporting structures, though it is still easily cut and bent to shape and is still relatively thin (~0.85mm) and lightweight (~1.5kg/m2). It is supplied in a number of sizes. All sizes are available in a self-adhesive version.








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