Owen Developments M-Spec Turbos
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Owen Developments M-Spec Turbos

Manufacturer: Owen Developments
Product Type: Turbocharger
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Owen Developments has offered a range of modified Turbochargers with our HTA™ billet Compressor Wheels for over five years and we can now offer a specification to match the performance of our wheels. These highly modified M-Spec turbochargers are aimed at the motorsport market, the hottest, highest load and generally most demanding environment for a turbo.

For Motorsport applications the maximum performance and reliability are the highest priority to our customers and the M-Spec upgrades reflect this. Each upgrade swaps OEM parts which are not suited to a motorsport application for components specifically designed for a motorsport environment, increasing the performance and reliability of the unit as a whole.

Some of the M-Spec upgrades are available individually on new units, such as the Metal Bearing Cages to increase the longevity of turbochargers used on road cars. Owen Developments can provide a turbocharger perfectly suited to any use and we take great pride in being able to provide exactly what our customers need and can ‘spec’ a turbo aimed purely at your application.


M-Spec Turbochargers feature-

  HTA™ Compressor Wheels-Lightweight HTAbillet Aluminium Compressor Wheel with an advanced aerodynamic profile for unrivalled transient response and efficiency

  Metal Bearing Cages-The plastic stock cages are replaced with metal for improved longevity to cope with the increased exhaust gas temperature from anti-lag systems and Racing which leads to heat soak and damage

  360° Core Clamp stainless steel-Originally developed for FIA Formula 2 and now available on M-Spec Turbos, recommended for Motorsport use to damp vibration (TiAL housings only)

  Heat Shield-2mm Billet Stainless Steel Heat Shield to replace 0.9mm OEM part, the 2mm shield holds its form and will not distort or foul the turbine wheel

  Conical Nut-Improves aerodynamics, air flow and response

  Ported Anti-Surge Shroud-Helps prevent surge at high boost/load and improves response at low engine revs while broadening the compressor map (GTX-M turbo covers are also re-machined for enhanced flow)

  Anodized Billet Adaptor Ring-Replaces standard cast part for improved durability. Available in red, black and silver


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