Motec LTC NTK (Lambda To CAN)
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Motec LTC NTK (Lambda To CAN)

Part Number: 61304
Manufacturer: Motec
Product Type: Lambda Measurement
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MoTeC’s LTC NTK (Lambda to CAN) modules monitor, control and diagnose NTK Lambda sensors, transmitting readings on a CAN bus. When multiple LTC NTKs are used, up to 32 Lambda sensors can be configured on a single CAN bus, allowing an ECU or logging device to simultaneously monitor numerous Lambda sensors.


Provides accurate Lambda measurement even when exhaust gas temperature is changing rapidly (heating or cooling)

Calibrated by the user for a particular sensor using either the initial sensor factory calibration or a free air calibration

Install as a single unit or in multiples

Pre-configured to suit a single LTC NTK unit installation

Cost effective


Compatible fuel: gasoline/petrol, alcohol, LPG, diesel and user defined 'blend' fuel

Comprehensive diagnostic and status channels

Calibration methods:

automatic, using the sensor's built-in calibration resistor

known oxygen environment

Standard configuration tables

Configurable to compensate for sensor aging and contamination

Accuracy +/– 1.5%

Operating range:

Lambda 0.65 to 10

AFR 9.5 to 147 for gasoline/petrol

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