Motec PDM30 (Power Distribution Module)
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Motec PDM30 (Power Distribution Module)

Part Number: 14103
Manufacturer: Motec
Product Type: Power Controller
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Motec’s 30 output Power Distribution Module (PDM30) is designed to provide electronically switched power to the various electrical systems in the vehicle such as motors, lights and solenoids, and electronic devices such as ECUs and data acquisition systems.

The module replaces conventional relays, fuses and circuit breakers, simplifying wiring and reducing weight while increasing reliability.


Each output is over-current, short circuit and thermal overload protected

Outputs programmable in 1 Amp steps

Outputs controllable via a combination of switch inputs, CAN messages and logic functions

Switch inputs ranging from 0 to 51 V, resolution 0.2 V

Performing up to 200 logic operations using operators like Flash, Pulse, Set/Reset, Hysteresis, Toggle, And, Or, Less than, Greater than, Not equal to, Equal to, True, False etc.

Performing functions such as flashing indicator lights and controlling thermofan and fuel pump

Using logic functions to selectively turn off systems during low battery voltage or engine starting, reducing drain on the battery

Providing full diagnostic information, including output currents and voltages, input voltages, and error status

Transmitting diagnostic information via CAN to a display or data logging device or monitoring directly on a PC

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