PWR Liquid to Air Barrel Intercoolers
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PWR Performance Products

PWR Liquid to Air Barrel Intercoolers

BHP: from 270 to 1200 HP
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The PWR Liquid to Air Barrel Intercooler is a world first exclusive in its design for the industry. The Radical cylindrical shape was designed for drag and street applications, providing maximum cooling, airflow and performance efficiencies. The 12-volt pump circulates water throughout the barrel providing a stable outlet temperature and the unique internal baffle system ensures an even amount of cooling is provided within the barrel itself. The system requires no ambient (external) airflow, which enables the unit to be mounted as close to the manifold as possible, reducing turbo lag and providing maximum performance.

The PWR Liquid to Air Barrel Intercoolers is available as an individual unit or in “Kit Form” and are suited to machines producing horse power between 270-1200+ HP. The PWR Barrel intercooler comes in (7) seven different sizes and are finished in a near chrome finish.

PWR are now releasing 5″ diameter barrel coolers to add to our extensive range of water to air intercoolers. The 5″ barrels will fill that gap between the 6″ barrels and the smaller 4″ barrels. A lot of turbo charged cars do make between the 400-550 engine HP and the 6″ barrels are generally too big to fit in most of the smaller cars engine bays.

Range includes 5″x6″ (400hp), 5″x8″ (450hp) and 5″x10″ (550hp). They have 2.5″ outlets and 19mm water hose tails or -12 male fittings. Call our sales team today to place your order and see the results you want.

Unique cylindrical design

Available in seven different sizes (universal fit)

Improves turbo response

Comes in kit form

Pressure tested

More rapid and effective cooling than air to air

Allows for a shorter intercooler pipe reducing lag

Easy fitment

Race and street proven performance

World class TIG welding

More consistent intake temperature than air to air

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