FP GREEN 73HTA Turbocharger for the Evo IX
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Forced Performance

FP GREEN 73HTA Turbocharger for the Evo IX

Manufacturer: Forced Performance
Product Use(s): Fast Road, General Use, Motorsport
Product Type: Turbocharger
  • Product Description

All FP EVO IX and EVO X turbos use only genuine MHI turbine housings.

The HTA update to Forced Performance’s FP GREEN™ for the Evolution IX has been over a year in the making. A year well spent considering multiple wheel sizes and combinations, not to mention countless hours spent datalogging and dyno testing these combinations. FP reviewed tons of logs from no less than 20 pressure sensors and temperature sensors within the turbocharger system as well as turbine speed and mass flow to verify that this new incarnation of the FP GREEN 73HTA™ would exceed the performance of every, any and all other available turbo upgrades for the EVO 4-9 in the up to 55lb/min category. This unit features the 54lb/min 73mm HTA compressor wheel and a new 65mm revision of the high efficiency 67mm turbine wheel used in the FP Red™ for the perfect combination of power and rapid spool.

Since its debut in 2006, the FP GREEN™ for the Evolution IX has been the standard that the world uses to compare against when considering turbocharger upgrades for the EVO 4-9. Companies as far away as China, Taiwan, and Australia have tried to duplicate or improve on the performance of our FP GREEN™ turbochargers. Many directly comparing their units to the FP GREEN™ turbo, some even copying our color coding to confuse consumers. This standard of performance is now improved into the "perfect pump gas turbo" with an increased power capability, greater efficiency, less turbine back pressure, more options for wastegate opening pressure, and all of this with FP to back up the unit for the length of the warranty.

When ordering your turbo be sure to specify which compressor cover (64mm Stock Appearing or 84mm Flow Advancement Port) and wastegate actuator (18psi, 25psi or stock) you require. Give Owen Developments a call and we can advise you on the best setup for you.

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