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13 October 2006
WHAT A MOMENT! This is the press release that went out following the event on Saturday 7th October: Oxfordshire based Owen Developments are renowned for their innovative development of turbocharger and high performance engine technologies. Since the mid-eighties part of their expertise has been to rebuild and blueprint turbochargers for both fast road and motorsport competition cars. True to their philosophy of developing new products …
15 September 2006
Well, we have only got two more racing days to go before the end of the season - where has the time gone?! (I know where the money has gone though!) but what a great year it has been.Mark has improved his times consistently throughout the year and is starting to feel more comfortable with the car and is starting to push it a little bit. There have been some great moments with the other competitors, who have become good friends (you know who …
29 April 2006
Last year, racing in the Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship was a new experience for us as a company, a family, for Mark and for our Honda Civic Type R! Although Mark did Motorcross in his younger days(!) this was entirely different and the choice of using the Honda for our first year turned out to be a good one and gave us the confidence to up the pace and push a little harder this year!With this in mind, we decided to use our Mitsubishi E…
28 April 2006
What a brilliant day! The sun shone (well, sort of) and now the weather is getting better there were more spectators this time which always makes for a better atmosphere. The entire day was excellent and was written about in both Motorsport News and was a first for us because we got a photo in Autosport! The pace is certainly picking up now, certainly quicker than last year, and the race itself was electric.The Evo was, I think the techni…
28 April 2006
"I had a really hectic week running around trying to get the van and bike ready for the long trip to Scotland for the 2nd BEC round at Lossiemouth. We were finally ready to leave at 6.20am on Thursday morning and arrived in Aberdeen at 4.30pm only leaving a further 1.5 hours to Lossiemouth in the morning. The event started well, where I finished some of the special tests in the top 15, then with my fitness starting to dwindle (due to lack of …
01 March 2006
We are so pleased to be able to help Darren this year who is a superb and extremely talented rider and whom we have had the pleasure to know for a number of years. You will see him riding Fast Eddy Cross Country next year along with our own rider Lee Owen and Darren's brother John Wheeler which should be interesting! …
02 February 2006
For these ex WRC Subaru models to remain within the FIA rules the cars must use the homologated turbochargers. In conjunction with Prodrive, Owen developments have secured the only supply of new RX6 turbocharger CHRA's. As many of the original turbochargers fitted to WRC Subaru models will have already been rebuilt the maximum number of times, reliability will have reached the limit. It is thought unlikely IHI, will manufacture any more of the…
02 February 2006
For customers who wish to enhance the road going performance of their Subaru Impreza models Owen Developments have now developed an integral wastegated turbine housing to accept the latest high performance Garrett GT Ball Bearing range of Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA) turbines. The new turbine housing allows the Garrett turbocharger to be fitted to the Subaru's existing inlet manifold so the change can be made with the minimum of effort…
02 February 2006
In September last year Owen Developments were chosen by Prodrive Motorsport as a preferred supplier for Subaru IHI turbochargers, rebuilds and associated parts for pre-2002 WRC and pre-2003 Group N Impreza Rally Cars. Prodrive are committed to supporting World Rally cars for four years and Group N cars for three. After this time the continued support of these cars moves to Prodrive's preferred suppliers for both servicing and parts supply. In…
21 January 2006
This is the first known quad turbocharger installation ever to be built for a four cylinder engine as a research and development project by Owen Developments.The project was to evaluate how small the manufacture of a turbocharger would have to be in order to produce sufficient speed not only to achieve atmospheric pressure but additional boost for each of the four cylinders.This project illustrates the design and manufacturing capabilitie…
12 January 2006
Owen Developments have joined forces with Oxford RF Sensors to launch a new style speed sensor for specialist turbocharger companies, engine designers and motorsport teams.The rotational speed of the turbocharger is a major factor when sizing turbine and compressor wheel combinations, the best and most reliable turbocharger will be those which stay within the manufacturers limits which are defined by the use of the relevant flow maps. …
02 January 2006
We would like to say congratulations and well done to Nick for his incredible performance this season. Can this man drive or what! His current class position is 1st and overall position 2nd. To put this achievement into perspective (for those who don't know this championship) and how well he has done in his B class 8- valve, normally aspirated Peugeot 205 GTI, the races have been held at the top circuits…
01 January 2006
We have the same stand again this year for the four days at this fantastic show - same number, same place, so if you came to see us last year, you will know where we are! It takes a lot of hard work to be at a show, particularly one that has such a high level of expertise, however the response we have received over the last five years, has been incredibl…
13 articles in News Archive
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