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In coming weeks this is where you will be able to find Motec's complete product lines. In the mean time, Owens can still supply you with Motec products; don't hesitate to give us a call on 01865 821062 or email us to enquire on the price and availability of any product.

  Click here for the 2013 Motec Catalogue (which includes wiring and connectors) and click here for Motec Software downloads.



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Motec ADL3 (Advanced Dash Logger 3)
Part Number: 18014
Motec’s Advanced Dash Logger (ADL3) is a combined display, fully programmable data logger and powerful control device, all in one lightweight unit. It is a flexible, professional level…
click for price and options for Motec ADL3 (Advanced Dash Logger 3)
Motec ADR (Accident Data Recorder)
The ADR is a compact, robust logging device that records lateral, longitudinal and vertical chassis G-forces during an accident. Designed to the specifications of the FIA Institute for Motorsport…
click for price and options for Motec ADR (Accident Data Recorder)
Motec C125 Data Logger/Display
Part Number: 18029/18031/18032
The C125 is an exciting addition to MoTeC's new range of colour Displays and Display Loggers. Striking in design and powerful in functionality, the C125 offers display, data logging, auxiliary…
click for price and options for Motec C125 Data Logger/Display
Motec C185 Data Logger/Display
Part Number: 18033
With the release of the C185 Display Logger, MoTeC now offers the best of both worlds - a stunning full colour display combined with a powerful, professional level data logger. It comes standard…
click for price and options for Motec C185 Data Logger/Display
Motec CAN 15/8 Button Keypad
For the ultimate in power management, combine the reliability of a PDM with the simplicity and flexibility that a keypad delivers. MoTeC Keypads work specifically with MoTeC Dashes and PDMs.…
click for price and options for Motec CAN 15/8 Button Keypad
Motec CDI Modules
Part Number: 14004, 41013, 41010, 41011, 41012
CDI-8 Designed to drive up to eight low-impedance CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) coils, the CDI-8 effectively combines an 8 channel ignition expander with an 8 channel CDI module in…
click for price and options for Motec CDI Modules
Motec CDL3 (Club Dash Logger 3)
Part Number: 18022
The Club Dash Logger is a fully configurable backlit display, controller and logging device. It offers the same quality and advanced technology as our top of the line systems, with…
click for price and options for Motec CDL3 (Club Dash Logger 3)
Motec CDL3 (Club Dash Logger 3) Track Kit
Part Number: 18023/18024
The CDL3 Track Logging Kit is a cost-effective, plug-in Dash Logger solution that offers professional level features without the need for a custom installation. The kit is quick and easy to…
click for price and options for Motec CDL3 (Club Dash Logger 3) Track Kit
Motec D153 (Mini Colour Display)
MoTeC's new mini colour display, the D153, is the first of the D1 Series of displays to be released. It features an anti-reflective, TFT LCD screen with exceptional brightness and clarity…
click for price and options for Motec D153 (Mini Colour Display)
Motec D175 (Colour Display)
The D175 is part of MoTeC's new D1 series of colour displays designed for use with MoTeC data loggers. Featuring a 5 inch high resolution LCD screen, 10 programmable, full colour LED lights…
click for price and options for Motec D175 (Colour Display)
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