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Since 1978, Turbonetics has been a leading source for OEM and aftermarket forced induction systems and components. Turbonetics is a world class small-to-medium volume OE and aftermarket manufacturer of turbochargers, heat exchangers, and pressure control components for customers in the industrial, military, and motorsport sectors.

Turbonetics offers a wide range of customizable turbochargers to support 100 HP to over 2000 HP with a single unit. This flexibility allows delivery of working concept prototypes within weeks, rather than months, and enables fine tuning of the complete engine package early in the development phase.



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Turbonetics 60 Series
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These turbochargers are some of the most versatile units made because of the unique marriage of air flow and packaging size. Best suited to be used in applications under 22 psi, the 60-1 and…
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Turbonetics GT-K Series
Part Number: -
The GT-K series, Turbonetics’ premium turbochargers covering the 325 to 1050 horsepower range, is expanding its line-up with HPC forged billet aluminium compressor wheels in the newly…
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Turbonetics Hurricane Series
Part Number: -
This family of turbochargers was developed with Turbonetic’s customers through real world dyno and racetrack testing. Today's engines and tuners continue to push the limits of forced…
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Turbonetics Mid-Frame Series
Part Number: -
Mid frame turbochargers are the absolute largest units with T4 flange. Featuring Turbonetics Ceramic Ball Bearing as standard equipment, Mid-frame turbochargers will meet and exceed the needs…
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Turbonetics T-Series
Part Number: -
Turbonetics offers custom-matched and custom-built turbochargers designed to get you across the finish line first! Designated the T-Series, this turbo family incorporates the latest state-of-the-art…
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Turbonetics T3 Series
Part Number: -
The T3 is the smallest family of turbochargers that Turbonetics offers. Perfectly sized for applications under 2 liters, the T3 line-up starts with the 150 HP 35 trim wheel and goes up to the…
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Turbonetics T3/TO4B/E Series
Part Number: -
The T3/T4 Hybrid turbochargers consist of a T3 turbine section, (F1-49, F1-54, F1-57, F1-62) and a T4 compressor section (T04B trim, T04E trim & 60-Series). This combination offers the low…
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Turbonetics Thumper Series
Part Number: -
Whoever said size doesn’t matter did not work with Turbonetic’s R&D department to develop the Super Thumper line of turbochargers. Sized from 91mm all the way up to our 115mm…
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Turbonetics TNX Series
Part Number: -
Turbonetics is pleased to present the TNX Series Turbocharger, the newest addition to their line-up. This is a clean sheet design that packs cutting edge turbocharger technology into a compact…
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Turbonetics Y2K Series
Part Number: -
Y2K Series Turbochargers are a durable mid-sized frame turbocharger capable of supporting up to 1,200 horsepower from a single turbocharger application. They work great in twin turbo 2,000 +…
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