Life Racing F88GDI ECU's at Owens

29 October 2011

newsOwen Developments is renowned as the UK's leading forced induction specialist and sole turbo supplier to the BTCC, Formula 2 and MINI Challenge championships, but it also boasts a highly successful on-site motorsport division which engineers numerous race, rally and rallycross cars across a wide variety of championships.

Engine management system expertise has been central to Owen Developments success in this arena, where selection, installation and mapping of stand alone motorsport ECU's has become a speciality and is leveraged into winning performance thanks to one of the most advanced four wheel drive chassis dyno cells in the UK.

With this experience in mind, Owen Developments is delighted to now recommend the new F88GDI Life Racing ECU's for high-end motorsport fitments. Suitable for both normally aspirated and turbocharged powerplants, the Life Racing engine control units represent the state of the art and have been successfully used in Le Mans 24 hours in recent years.

The very latest Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) version of the successful F88 ECU is designed for use on either non direct injection or direct injection engines. If used in GDI format with an additional GDI Driver unit, the Life Racing F88 GDI ECU can control a Bosch HDP-5 fuel pump up to 200 bar of pressure, making it suitable for retro fitment on the very latest direct injection turbocharged petrol production engines.

Key technical features of the Life Racing F88 GDI ECU include:-

  • Powerful RISC CPU with advanced strategy execution
  • Custom synchronous processor for engine position tracking and output diagnostics
  • 88 way Bosch / AMP connector. 
  • 3 CAN connections, RS232 and Ethernet at 100 Mbit /sec
  • Suitable for all 4 stroke, 2 stroke and rotary engines up to 12 cylinders / 25,000 rpm
  • Designed to work in direct injection or indirect injection formats
  • Maximum of 8 ignition outputs and 16 fuel injector outputs available
  • 4 acoustic knock sensor inputs available
  • 2 UEGO Lambda sensors available.
  • Up to 64 MB internal memory
  • 1 or 2 drive by wire outputs available
  • CNC machined, 'O' ring sealed, black anodised aluminium case
  • Total mass 650 grams

Optional extras include internal Drive by Wire, Traction Control, Wastegate Positional Boost Control, Paddle Shift Control, Knock Control and variable valve timing control, confirming the F88 ECU's position at the very top end of the motorsport ECU market.

Priced at £2500.00 excluding VAT, the Life Racing F88 GDI ECU is on sale now at Owen Developments Ltd. The optional Gasoline Direct Injection driver unit is priced at £1500.00 and these and the full range of exciting and innovative Life Racing products are now available for installation and mapping at Owen Developments.

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