GT3082 HTA ball bearing external wastegate turbo

09 November 2010

newsMarket leading high performance turbocharger specialist is delighted to announce the launch of an ultra high specification external wastegate GT3082 turbo, packed with unrivalled features.

Produced as an intermediary step between the GT30 and GT35 units, the GT3082 features the very latest specification Garrett? GT30 ball bearing core and incorporates numerous state of the art design features with the twin goals of providing a high total power output and outstanding driveability.

Key technical features of the Owen Development's GT3082 HTA include:

? Billet alloy HTA compressor wheel with for the ultimate in spool up response

? Available with 0.63, 0.82 or 1.03 AR Garrett or TIAL Sport stainless steel V-band turbine housings

? Choice of anodised colours for billet HTA wheel and adaptor ring - red, blue or plain alloy options

? Aerodynamic conical compressor wheel nut to aid inlet flow and response

? Owen's billet stainless internal heat shield to reduce heat soak

? Uprated Owen's motorsport specification ball bearings available for ultimate durability from Garrett? GT core

The Owen Developments Garrett? GT3082 HTA's alloy compressor wheel features advanced aerodynamic blade technology and an ultra low mass to ensure rapid spool up and unrivalled transient response, on a unit that's designed for use on tuned engines of 2.0 / 2.5-litres with the capability of producing over 600 bhp at a consistent 1.6 - 1.8 bar of boost.

In addition, the highly polished CNC ported shroud compressor cover with polished billet inlet diffuser and conical compressor nut ensures the maximum inlet flow whilst avoiding compressor surge at high boost levels.

Owen Development's Garrett? GT3082 HTA turbo is offered with a choice of anodised colours on both the inlet compressor wheel and adaptor ring - allowing owners the ultimate in performance customisation for their engine bay.

Priced from £1560.00 excluding VAT, the Garrett? GT3082 HTA turbo is on sale now, exclusively from Owen Developments.

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