New Owen's GT35 HTA turbocharger

02 September 2009

Oxfordshire, 2nd September 2009

Leading UK turbocharger specialist and sole appointed European Garrett GT? performance centre Owen Developments is pleased to announce the launch of a new external wastegate GT35 HTA ball bearing turbocharger featuring state of the art forced induction technology and vastly improved performance.

Based around a conventional low friction Garrett GT? ball bearing core, Owen Developments has utilised the latest components to improve this unit's already impressive boost and power production characteristics. The end result is a turbocharger capable of well over 700bhp and is designed for use on engines between 2.0 and 4.0-litre capacity.

Comparison testing with the new Owen's GT35 HTA and a conventional GT35 turbocharger on a Mitsubishi Evo 4G63 engine revealed the new unit produced an extra 70lb.ft mid-range torque and spooled up over 500rpm lower. This means that the Owen's GT35 HTA is suitable for use in highly tuned 2.0-litre turbo applications including Mitsubishi Evo, Cosworth YBT and even Subaru Impreza.

Key technical features of Owen Development's GT35 HTA ball bearing turbocharger include:-

? Latest style of Garrett GT? ball bearing centre cartridge, offering low frictional resistance and superior spool up compared to original hydrodynamic bearings

? Pure billet alloy compressor wheel uses new CAD inducer and exducer blade profile technology, this increases airflow to promote rapid spool up and boost power

? Remachined compressor cover to suit new billet alloy compressor wheel profile

? Use of a stainless steel V-band TIAL Sport? turbine housing, offering a 33% weight saving over standard combined with increased strength and smaller unit size

? Optimised TIAL Sport? investment cast stainless steel turbine housing features smooth internal finish to maximise flow rate

? TIAL Sport? V-band fitment utilisation eliminates need for fixing bolts, allowing users to pivot turbo to solve under bonnet clearance problems

? Three turbine housing sizes available 0.63 / 0.82 (for 580-600bhp plus) and 1.06 a/r ratio (680-700bhp plus on large capacity engines EG Nissan Skyline)

Owen Development's GT35 HTA turbocharger is available now, complete with billet alloy compressor wheel, TIAL Sport? turbine housing and all relevant clamps and flanges, priced at £1552.50 including VAT @ 15%.

A competition version of the Owen Development's Garrett GT35 HTA turbocharger with a motorsport specification bearing, uprated internal heat shield and conical, high flow compressor nut, is also available priced at £1897.50 including VAT @ 15%.

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