New Impreza ball bearing external wastegate turbo

11 December 2008

newsOwen Developments Ltd is delighted to announce an important addition to its ultra-successful range of high performance Subaru Impreza turbochargers.

The new unit is a development of the firm's ground breaking 'drop in' Garrett ball bearing single scroll turbo that was specifically developed for high power Impreza applications and was launched ahead of the opposition in 2006. This turbocharger's innovative design featured a special CAD designed cast turbine housing that mated to the Impreza's original IHI suited exhaust pipework, thus dispensing with the need for fabricated 'up' and 'down' pipes.

Since then demand for very high power output engines has driven Owen Developments to revisit its Subaru Impreza ball bearing turbo and revise the design to allow for the use of an external wastegate set up.

Owen Development's external wastegate Subaru Impreza turbo utilises the same Garrett ball bearing core as the internal wastegate version. Compared to a conventional plain thrust bearing design the Garrett ball bearing design offers greatly reduced internal friction, making for faster spool up, improved response and superior reliability at high boost levels.

This technology allows 2.0 and 2.5-litre Impreza owners to run a large a/r ratio turbocharger for high power outputs without sacrificing driveability, up to and over 600bhp.

Owen Developments recommends the use of a 38mm Tial V Band external wastegate in EJ20 units running up to 500bhp, whereas a 44mm Tial V Band unit is advised on larger capacity 2.2 / 2.3 / 2.5-litre Impreza motors.

Technical details at a glance:-
? New external wastegate Garrett ball bearing turbo for EJ20 / EJ25 Subaru Impreza
? Directly compatible with original IHI suited 'up' and 'down' pipes
? Utilises bespoke CAD designed, CNC machined cast exhaust turbine housing with single scroll format
? Two a/r ratios available (0.64 and 0.8)
? Compressor cover uses a 0.60 a/r ratio
? Four different compressor wheels available depending on target power output
? Garrett ball bearing centre housing rotational assembly (CHRA) minimises friction on the turbine shaft, ensuring rapid spool up and total reliability
? Designed to produce a maximum of 2.0 bar of boost
? Tial 38mm or 44mm V Band external wastegate recommended
? Available now exclusively from Owen Developments Ltd priced at £1552.50 including Tial 44mm waste gate and VAT @ 15%

Please note that installation of the Owen Developments Garrett ball bearing unit requires the fabrication of the waste gate fitment to the up pipe and down pipe.

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