Owen Developments Reveal NEW Turbocharger Range - GBT

04 July 2016

GBT Turbochargers Unveiled!




The first GBT turbos are already assembled










3D printing was used to rapidly make prototypes of new GBT components




The race proven and mulitple Championship winning HTA compressor wheel will feature in all  GBT turbochargers




Owen Developments - suppliers to the BTCC, Indy Lights and MINI Challenge and multiple Championship winners - is pleased to announce that the next step in the companies’ history is here; the Owen Developments GBT Turbocharger range. Owen Development's GBT Turbos feature the proven HTA compressor wheels with next generation aerodynamics combined with an entirely new turbocharger design to deliver performance and reliability.

The initial release of the GBT range will see turbochargers covering the 250-850hp range and will feature many innovations developed by Owen Developments as standard. The M-Spec upgrades, such as upgraded bearings cages and conical ‘bullet’ compressor nuts, which were an option on previous Owen Developments turbos are now standard on all options in the GBT range.

Using all of Owen Development’s thirty-five years of experience with turbochargers, both in motorsport and on road vehicles, combined with Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D printing facilities and rapid prototyping has resulted in a unique line of turbochargers.

These are motorsport turbochargers for road and track.


The GBT range will use the race proven HTA billet aluminium compressor wheel. This wheel has been used previously by Owen Developments in BTCC, Indy Lights and a host of other applications with outstanding success due to their high flow and excellent spool characteristics. New compressor covers have been developed with unique volutes with the Owen Developments logo proudly displayed on the outlet. The GBT compressor covers are specifically designed to not allow the retaining bolts to penetrate into the volute, greatly reducing turbulence in the airflow.

There are two different designs of bearing housing in the GBT Turbocharger range, one is a conventional water cooled housing and the other is an air cooled design for applications with tight fitment and no access to water lines or race applications aiming to lower engine coolant temperatures. The GBT water cooled housing has the water and oil galleries flow-optimised negating issues with flow seen in some designs and providing superior cooling. Also present in the core is another innovation from Owen Developments on the GBT range, there is a new inline oil filter to protect the internal components from oil contamination and debris.

Owen Developments GBT Turbos features a bearing specifically designed to solve the most common problems found with ball bearing turbos; ring seal leaks and bearing cage damage. Upgraded bearing cages have been offered by Owen Developments for many years and are now a standard part of the GBT bearing cartridge, as are all the former M-Spec upgrades. To protect the ring seal and prevent oil leaks the bearing has a ramped profile before the compressor ring seal deflecting oil away, as a side effect his makes servicing the bearing much simpler, reducing rebuild costs.

New turbine housings and wheels have been developed for the GBT range with the aim of increasing the flow capacity of the turbo to unlock more power while keeping Owen Development’s signature of unbeatable response. Like the compressor covers the turbine housings are designed so that the retaining bolts do not protrude into the volute, this greatly reduces turbulence in the exhaust flow and helps prevent the housing from cracking under extreme heat. With these housings available Owen Developments GBT units can be fitted to a wide range of flange fitments including T3, v-band and T25. TiAL housings will not fit directly but will be configured at Owen Developments to fit GBT turbos.

 Turbochargers initially available rated from 250hp to 850hp across three frame sizes

 Billet Aluminium HTA Compressor Wheels
 HTA wheel proven in motorsport with over 200 wins last season
 5% power gain over HTA Compressor Wheels
 25% power gain over cast wheels

 All compressor covers feature cast speed sensor and pressure tap bosses for easy installation

 Dual ceramic ball bearing core

 Choice of water or air cooled bearing housings

 Turbine wheel cast from Inconel for high temperature operation

 Turbine housings cast from D5S Ni-resist for high temperature operation

 Built-in serviceable oil filter as standard on all GBT units

 Replaces HTA M-Spec range; all M-Spec upgrades are standard on GBT turbos

 Three stage precision balancing performed in-house at Owen Developments

 Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK

 GBT range fully serviceable at Owen Developments

 Pricing TBD

Owen Developments is one of Europe’s premier high performance forced induction specialist, with a proven track record of supplying turbochargers to a global customer base covering the motorsport, performance aftermarket and OEM sectors. Owen Developments is the sole turbo supplier to the British Touring Car Championship, the highly competitive one-make MINI Challenge and Indy Lights (Indycar’s feeder series).

Call on 01865 821062 or email sales@owendevelopments.co.uk for more information.



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