Murray Clamps - The Best Clamps on the Market

06 March 2015

After spending money on a turbocharger, why risk damaging it by fitting inferior accessories?

Hose clamps are definitely one of the accessories that people scrimp on which can lead to expensive damage and failures. If a boost pipe blows off, suddenly the turbo has no resistance and will rapidly damage itself by overspeeding; your turbo will not appreciate sudden and unexpected trips over 250,000rpm plus!

So, how to avoid the blowoff-overspeeding -failure scenario described above? Here at Owen Developments we recommend Murray Corporation’s unrivalled range of high quality hose clamps. Murray have left footprints in the PEX pipe plumbing, aviation, irrigation, turbocharger, truck and bus markets and are referred to as one of the highest quality fastener and clamp companies around the globe.

 Murray clamps have a unique ‘Dual Bead Shield’ inner liner which concentrates band sealing pressure, increasing the clamp pressure up to 30% more than an equivalent worm drive clamp with a smooth liner. Electropolishing improves weld strength, which leads to even better performance, greater corrosion resistance, and enhances appearance with a more even finish. When these factors are combined with its unique constant tension design which compensates for the effects of thermal cycling and compression set of the hose makes Murray’s clamps the best available for any turbocharger installation today, from World Championship motorsport to daily driven road cars.

Constant Tension Turbo Seal
Dual Bead Super Seal


Rival Comparison

Even when fitted with less torque than their rivals, Murray clamps hold almost four times as much pressure before leaking

Seal higher pressure at low torque pressures

Seal higher pressures over a broad range of installation torques

Less clamping stress on hose equates to extended life of the connection

Dual-Bead shield creates a pool of high pressure hose material (the O-ring effect)

Flanged edges offer gentle contact with hose surface


Low snag hazard with short housing design

If over-tightened this clamp design will still expand with thermal cycling

Electropolished band provides fatigue resistance and greatly improved corrosion resistance


Owen Developments recommend
Murray Hose Clamps






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