Insanity in the shape of an Owens boosted 1300hp MGB

27 February 2015

We receive a lot of calls from people looking for help with their prized project cars, but we rarely get to say, ‘You have a classic 1966 MGB GT you’re building to FIA GT3 specification? And you’re aiming for the Nürburgring street-legal car lap record?’ Needless to say, our attention was piqued.

Jason Shalders and Chris Isaacs are the men who decided that the ideal car for hunting down the Nürburgring street-legal car lap record would be a 50-year-old British coupé. Jason had attempted something similar before – a V8 swap into another MGB – but this project goes to another level completely. Inspired by the BMW Z4 GT3, the MGB gradually became lower, wider and closer to a GT3 car until it was decided to build the car so it was legal for FIA GT3, while keeping it road legal. The quality of the build cannot be understated; everything from the aerodynamics to the space frame and suspension geometry have been meticulously planned with record breaking in mind.

The engine is a further testament to the workmanship going into the build; take a 4.0l Rover V8, some Lotus heads (which don’t exactly fit together), add custom pistons, custom rods, a custom crank, custom cams as well as a custom dry sump system and you have something never before seen. This high-revving quad-cam V8 would normally be exciting enough, but, seeing as we’re involved, there are a pair of ODGT3582HTAs bolted on for good measure. These turbos have seen considerable success in diverse series like Rallycross, Circuit Racing, Drifting, Drag Racing and hillclimbs; adding a Nürburgring lap record to their CV would be the icing on the cake! When you bear in mind that a pair of ODGT3582HTAs works out as ~650hp per side, or 1300hp in total, the Nürburgring lap record looks more than achievable.

Jason and Chris aim to have the whole car together and finished this year, and we can’t wait to see how it gets on!

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