Owens made Murray Corporation European Distributor

02 September 2014

Owen Developments are pleased to announce that Murray Corporation has renewed and expanded their relationship with us, appointing Owens as Murray’s European Distributor for their huge range of high quality clamps and fasteners.

Murray has passed its’ 100 year anniversary, providing clamping solutions for a multitude of markets including the automotive vehicular markets. They have left footprints in the PEX pipe plumbing, aviation, irrigation, turbocharger, truck and bus markets and many more in the global market. Murray are referred to as one of the highest quality fastener/clamp companies around the globe, the Murray name is well known in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Central/South America, USA and Canada.

Murray Corporation is certified to ISO 9001:2008, the International Quality Standard. All operations and products at Murray are subjected to the controls and specifications of their Quality Management System, assuring all their customers of consistently high quality clamps and products. Murray also offers a “Custom Clamp” service where their engineers work with you to develop, design, and manufacture a custom clamp to your standards and specifications.

The Murray Corporation is forecasting a continuing Global Sales growth of 15% per year resulting from operational strategy changes made in its markets - like with Owens! Murray constant tension clamps go hand-in-hand with the new and continuing upsurge in the turbocharger market, a surge Owens are at the forefront of.

Check out their web site, including the Tech Tips section, at www.murraycorp.com for more fastener/clip clamping news items regarding Murray.









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