Owens new Vauxhall Astra VXR 350 bhp potential 65HTA K04 turbocharger

11 November 2013
  • Superior spool up, response and reliability available at high boost levels
  • Enables up to 350 bhp when used in conjunction with other modifications
  • Manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom by Owen Developments from a brand new Borg Warner K04 turbocharger
  • Hand assembled by the same technicians building the BTCC turbos

Leading forced induction specialist and BTCC control turbocharger supplier Owen Developments has an exciting new product release for owners of the Vauxhall Astra VXR using the 2.0-litre 16-valve 236 bhp Z20LEH powerplant, in the form of a heavily upgraded turbocharger with vastly superior performance potential than the factory original.

Named the OD-VXR-K04-65HTA, Owen’s has designed the turbo to offer a reliable, bolt-on upgrade incorporating advanced technology in a robust, affordable package that’s a direct replacement for the standard Borg Warner K04 unit, yet offers 350 bhp potential (when used in conjunction with other engine modifications).

Each OD-VXR-K04-65HTA unit is built from a brand new Borg Warner K04 base turbocharger, but in order to satisfy demands for even higher levels of performance, it is stripped down to its component parts and totally rebuilt to a vastly superior specification, the key features of which include:-


  • Modified turbine wheel with cut back blades for increased flow combined with lower rotational mass
  • Lightweight billet alloy 65mm HTA compressor wheel with advanced aerodynamics
  • CNC compressor housing to suit HTA wheel profile
  • Owen Developments 360° thrust bearing kit with increased thrust surface area and direct oil feed
  • Billet aluminium Forge Motorsport actuator and recirculation valve

At its core the OD-VXR-K04-65HTA incorporates a heavily revised thrust bearing arrangement. In the interests of reliability Owens re-engineers the Astra VXR’s Borg Warner K04 turbo unit to run a 360-degree thrust bearing that features a greatly increased surface area on the bearing. In addition, its thrust rings to provide optimal levels of low friction support for the turbine shaft. As per Owen’s motorsport turbo practice a direct oil feed is installed which delivers enhanced lubrication to increase reliability, even at the very high shaft speeds associated with high boost levels.

Years of research and testing by Owen Developments’ technicians have enabled the firm to optimise the profile of the turbine blades on the OD-VXR-K04-65HTA unit. As part of this process the K04 turbo’s turbine blade undergoes a lightening procedure where any unwanted mass is removed to reduce rotational mass and improve the Astra VXR’s spool up characteristics.

On the compressor side the OD-VXR-K04-65HTA unit is built around a lightweight billet aluminium HTA wheel. Offering an unbeatable combination of low mass and high flow efficiency courtesy of its advanced aerodynamic blade profile, the OD-VXR-K04-65HTA’s compressor cover has to be CNC machined by Owen Developments to suit the form of the new HTA wheel. Following this, the Astra VXR K04 unit is rebuilt by Owen’s technicians (the same experienced personnel who build the firm’s renowned BTCC turbos) and balanced to a very fine tolerance.

Finally a billet aluminium alloy Forge Motorsport actuator and recirculation valve are fitted and the OD-VXR-K04-65HTA unit is ready to deliver outstanding performance, up to 350 bhp plus at a maximum of 1.5 bar / 22 PSI boost. ‘In this specification the K04-65HTA unit flows as much gas as the OE exhaust manifold allows,’ comments Owen Developments’ Lee Owen.

Suitable for models produced from 2005-2011 and carrying part number OD-VXR-K04-65HTA, the Owen Developments Vauxhall Astra VXR turbocharger is a direct replacement for the standard K04 unit and is available now, priced at £1326.55 excluding VAT. 

PLEASE NOTE: OD-VXR-K04-65HTA is also available without the Forge Motorsport actuator and recirculation valve for customers who have these components pre-installed. Please contact Owen Developments for more information.

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Owen Developments (UK) Ltd   Tel: +44 (0) 1865 821062

Email: sales@owendevelopments.co.uk  Web: www.owendevelopments.co.uk

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