Owen Developments VW/Seat/Audi TFSI 400hp K04 Upgrade

04 September 2013

Give your 2.0-litre TFSI VW Golf GTI, Audi S3 or SEAT Leon FR up to 400 bhp potential with an Owen’s 65HTA K04 turbocharger 


  • Delivers bolt-on 300-400bhp potential with superior spool up, response and reliability at high boost levels
  • Manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom by Owen Developments from a brand new Borg Warner K04 turbocharger
  • Suits popular applications including VW Golf GTI Mk5/6, Audi S3 Mk2 and SEAT Leon FR / Cupra R models

From the iconic Golf GTI to the Audi TT, the Volkswagen Audi Group’s products have always been a favourite for performance enhancements and the current 1984cc TFSI engined cars carry on that tradition today.

However beyond the 270 bhp mark the 2.0-litre TFSI engine’s standard K03 turbocharger begins to act as a restriction as excessive heat and turbine overspeeding become issues, which is why Owen Developments - Europe’s leading high performance turbocharger specialist and control turbo supplier to the BTCC – now offers two levels of turbocharger upgrade to overcome this performance bottleneck, offering up to 400 bhp potential.

The VAG 2.0-TFSI turbocharger’s exhaust turbine housing is cast as part of the exhaust manifold itself, making the turbo and exhaust manifold effectively a single component, hence why both stages of Owen’s upgrade start with a brand new Borg Warner 53049880064 K04 turbocharger unit as a foundation.

The K04 turbo is a direct replacement for the smaller K03 unit used on the 200 bhp 2.0-TFSI VAG models and offers 300 bhp potential from the factory, but in order to satisfy demands for even higher levels of performance the following modifications are carried out in Owen Development’s Oxfordshire based technical facility:-


Owen Development’s Stage One 2.0-TFSI Borg Warner K04 turbo

Key technical features include:-

  • Cut back exhaust turbine blades
  • Owen Developments manufactured 360 degree thrust bearings
  • Individually balanced turbine and compressor wheels
  • High speed balanced centre housing rotational assembly
  • Forge Motorsport uprated actuator
  • Rated up to a reliable 350 bhp

The cut back turbine blades enhance the gas flow potential of the K04 unit and help to reduce the turbo’s internal reciprocating mass, improving transient boost response. In addition, the Owen Developments 360 degree thrust bearing upgrade increases reliability at higher boost pressures, while the Forge Actuator offers a higher degree of precise control of peak boost levels on a unit that is balanced to far tighter tolerances than standard.

A direct replacement for the standard turbo, this unit offers a 350 bhp potential for VAG 2.0-TFSI models and carries part number OD-VAG-2.0-K04-6. It’s available now!


Owen Development’s Stage Two 2.0-TFSI Borg Warner K04 turbo

Key technical features are as per the Stage 1 K04 turbo, plus:-

  • Exclusive 65mm HTA billet alloy compressor wheel
  • Owen Developments reprofiled compressor cover to suit
  • Rated to a reliable 400 bhp

Owen Developments extends the performance envelope on the Stage 2 K04 unit by incorporating all the upgrades of the Stage 1 TFSI turbo, whilst adding an exclusive state of the art 65mm HTA billet aluminium compressor wheel.

This larger than standard HTA compressor wheel incorporates advanced aerodynamic blade profiles and an ultra low reciprocating mass, offering unrivalled spool up and response characteristics for what remains a bolt-on unit for the 2.0-TFSI motor, albeit one that offers up to 400 bhp potential with total reliability.

Carrying part number OD-VAG-2.0-K04 65HTA, the Owen Developments Stage Two Borg Warner K04 TFSI turbocharger is a direct replacement for the standard unit and is available now.


Owen Developments Optional Extras for the K04 Turbos

  • Compressor housing outlet modification (this enables fitment of the Owen’s K04 unit to the VW MK6 Golf GTI and more)
  • Recirculation valve modification (this enables fitment of the standard factory recirculating valve – NB not included)


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