Owen Developments launches unique 700bhp capable Turbonetics GT-K 700

06 November 2012

Leading forced induction specialist and exclusive BTCC turbocharger supplier Owen Developments is delighted to announce a new addition to its Turbonetics range of turbos. Called the GT-K 700, this latest external wastegate turbo release is designed to flow enough air up to 700bhp, whilst offering unparalleled levels of boost and spool up response and a unique, distinctive finish.

Key features of the Owen Developments / Turbonetics GT-K 700 turbo include:

  • Ceramic ball bearing centre housing
  • Forged billet aluminium 64mm HPC compressor wheel
  • F1 65mm turbine wheel
  • Uses popular T3 flange fitment
  • 0.85 A/R turbine housing
  • Ported shroud compressor cover with distinctive brushed satin finish

The Turbonetics GT-K 700 boasts advanced technical features, including a patented ceramic ball bearing centre housing rotating assembly (CHRA.) The Turbonetics ceramic ball bearing design offers 50 times greater thrust capacity and is more resilient under high temperature engine shut-downs than conventional journal bearing designs. This patented “angular-contact” layout ensures extreme strength because it is used as the thrust-loading surface. Exclusive to Turbonetics, this technology allows ultra-fast transient response and quick spooling of the GT-K turbocharger, despite the large A/R ratio.

Internally the unit features a forged billet aluminium 64mm HPC compressor wheel designed for greater efficiency and airflow. To withstand the high boost pressures, Turbonetics’ HPC compressor wheels are machined from forged blanks instead of standard bar stock. Wheels machined from forged blanks have stronger blades and wheel hubs, allowing maximum airflow while minimizing rotating mass, promoting faster response and spool up.

The Turbonetics GT-K 700’s compressor cover features a ported shroud to avoid potential surge issues at high boost pressures and is finished in a unique brushed satin finish, which is chip and scratch resistant.

On the turbine side, the GT-K 700 runs 65mm ‘F1’ turbine wheel, which is designed to capture the maximum exhaust gas energy and reduce exhaust backpressure. The Turbonetics GT-K 700 uses an innovative ceramic based black heatproof coating on its 0.85 A/R ratio turbine housing, which boasts the commonly found T3 flange, making it ideal for numerous popular engines.

The Turbonetics GT-K 700 is available in water cooled and non-water (oil) cooled versions to suit a broad range of user requirements and is on sale now from principal Turbonetics distributor Owen Developments. Pricing and part numbers are as follows:-

  • GT-K 700 non water (oil) cooled OD-11589 £1259.51 excluding VAT
  • GT-K 700 non water (oil) cooled OD-11590 £1259.51 excluding VAT
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