Owen Developments launches the ultimate bolt-on K04 turbo for Mk1 Audi TT and S3 models

27 September 2012

Owen Developments, Europe’s leading high performance turbocharger specialist and control turbo supplier to the BTCC & FIA Formula 2 series, is pleased to announce the launch of an ultimate bolt-on Borg Warner K04 hybrid turbocharger for the following popular Audi models:-

Audi TT 8N 1998-2006
225PS / 222bhp with AMU, APX or BAM 1.8T 20-valve engine

Audi S3 8L 1999-2003
210PS / 207bhp with APY, AMK or BAM 1.8T 20-valve engine

This is a full specification hybrid turbocharger which includes every possible modification to extract the ultimate in performance from the K04 design. Starting with a brand new Borg Warner K04 unit, extensive CNC machining is required to install the largest possible compressor and turbine wheels and modify the stock casings to maximise the unit’s gasflow potential.

Key features of the Owen Developments K04 hybrid turbocharger include:-

  • Larger, lightweight turbine wheel with 8 degree cut back blades
  • CNC machined turbine housing to suit
  • Uprated 360 degree thrust bearings
  • 63.5mm diameter billet aluminium HTA compressor wheel
  • CNC machined compressor cover to suit
  • Hose inlet CNC machined to increase diameter from 51 to 57mm
  • Forge wastegate actuator installed set at 10 PSI

Owen’s previous experience with the 1.8T 20-valve powerplant in the FIA F2 series cars has proven that the standard VAG exhaust manifold restricts power beyond 260 bhp. Hence why Owen’s recommends that the K04 hybrid is used with a good quality fabricated or cast exhaust manifold to extract the full performance of a unit that is capable of over 340bhp in conjunction with appropriate engine modifications and mapping.

Priced at £1645.59 excluding VAT, the Owen’s Borg Warner K04 hybrid turbocharger for the VAG 1.8T 20-valve engine carries part number OD-K04-23-H. Interested parties should note that lower cost / lower specification versions of this unit are available from Owen Developments on request.

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