New 735bhp oil cooled PT6266 CEA Precision turbo

02 February 2012

newsOwen Developments, Europe's leading high performance forced induction specialist and supplier of control turbochargers to the BTCC, is also the principal European distributor for the US based Precision Turbo and Engine Incorporated's range of street and motorsport units.

And that's why Owens is particularly pleased to announce the launch of a high performance air /oil cooled turbocharger packed with advanced features and the very latest technology, but at a very tempting price.

Designed to appeal to the road performance aftermarket or circuit racers who dispense with watercooling so that they can more easily manage the heat issues on a high power output engine, the new oil /air cooled Precision turbo is called the PTB505 PT6266 CEA.

Boasting a high performance low friction oil / air-cooled dual ceramic ball bearing centre housing, it features the very latest innovations in compressor and turbine wheel technology and compressor housing design.

Performance gains are impressive. Back to back testing has shown that the CEA equipped Precision turbochargers offer comparative power gains of 30-45 bhp over conventional units.

This makes the Precision PTB505 PT6266 CEA ideal for users seeking a non watercooled ball bearing turbocharger with big power capability - up to 735 bhp. Central to this are Precision's Competition Engineering Aerodynamics (CEA,) which features on both the forged alloy compressor and the turbine wheels of PTB505 PT6266 CEA to help maximise boost response and overall output.

The Precision unit is also a winner when it comes to fitment choice. Precision offers a wide range of compressor and turbine housing options (including stainless steel V-band) to suit a vast array of potentially popular engine configurations, enabling this turbo to appeal to a broader sector market than usual.

Key features of the PTB505 PT6266 CEA turbocharger include:-

* Exclusive Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA) forged alloy 2618 compressor wheel with 62mm inducer

* Low friction air cooled dual ceramic ball bearing centre housing

* Compressor housing options:-
- "E" compressor cover with 3.0 inch inlet / 2.0 inch outlet
- "S" compressor cover with 4.0 inch inlet / 2.5 inch outlet
- Anti-surge ported shroud compressor cover with 4.0 inch inlet and 2.5 inch outlet

* Exclusive Competition Engineered Aerodynamics EA 66mm / 76 trim turbine wheel

* Turbine housing options:-

- T3 0.63 A/R with 4 bolt 2.5 inch discharge
- T3 0.63 A/R with 5 bolt discharge (with or without wastegate hole)
- T3 0.63 or 0.82 A/R with stainless steel V-Band discharge
- Stainless steel V-Band inlet 0.82 A/R with V-Ban discharge
- T4 Tangential 0.58, 0.68, 0.81 or 0.96 A/R with 3 5/8 inch V-Band discharge
- T4 Divided 0.84, 1.0, 1.15, 1.32 A/R with 3 5/8 inch V-Band discharge

The Precision Turbos PTB unit illustrated with this release is available now from Owen Developments priced at £1446.79 excluding VAT and delivery.


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