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Advanced functions, such traction control and pit lane speed limiting, are only available on standalone ECUs









Many race cars and bikes start life as a production vehicle and although it is sometimes possible to re-tune or ‘flash’ the standard ECU (Engine Control Unit), having a standalone ECU is always the best way to ensure maximum performance from your engine. All standalone management systems available from Owen Developments utilise data logging - this is an invaluable function and rarely if ever available in an OE system. Using this function, multiple vital engine control parameters can be monitored and viewed in the comfort of your pit garage, office or home, rather than trying to watch a computer screen whilst driving at high speed – not advisable in any instance. Anti-lag, traction control and pit lane speed limiting GPS compensation are just a few functions that a high end stand-alone ECUs can offer that are not available or impossible to achieve effectively on an OE based system.

At the budget end of the ECU market there are units that will run an engine well on a basic level, however the number of sensors which can be monitored are very limited by comparison to standalone ECUs. Also the types of crankshaft trigger patterns can be inadequate, often requiring major engineering work to allow these systems to function. For motorsport applications after multiple sessions on the dyno and the engineering work needed, the budget systems will generally cost as much as a professional system made by Life Racing or MoteC.

MoteC and Life Racing are recognised at the highest level in the motorsport world and Owen Developments is pleased to have been associated with both companies for a long time. The knowledge gained from every day use of these high quality products is passed down to every vehicle which is mapped in the performance centre, whether it’s a restricted rally engine or a V8 twin turbo drag race vehicle - you can be assured of the highest level of technical ability in a fast moving industry.

Complimenting Owen Development’s engineering and turbo build shops is a state of the art chassis dyno test cell, rated in excess of 1000hp and incorporating exceptional cooling facilities. Owen Developments use this set up to test newly developed turbo applications, as well as calibrate all the Life Racing and MoteC ECU installations. Using eddy current technology, most engines can be held steadily to allow very accurate engine tuning and diagnosis. Coupled with the state of the art data logging, every parameter is recorded for later evaluation and printed copies of tests can be supplied if required.

Mark Harrison, Director of the Performance Centre, supervises all sessions on the dyno for both engine mapping and power runs. With decades of experience mapping high performance vehicles Mark has extensive knowledge of engine control requirements – from classic road cars to purpose built race cars, he can help you achieve your performance goals.

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