Using Waste Gases from Turbocharging and Generating Electricity


For 30 years Owen Developments has been remanufacturing turbochargers for motor manufacturer’s exchange schemes, which have proved highly successful both for the manufacturer and customer alike.

When these schemes started the aim was focussed on supplying the end user with a replacement turbo at a reduced cost. Over the years the emphasis has changed towards sustainability and the importance of recycling and taking care of the planet we call home.

It would not take much thought to picture in your mind the amount of earth sourced materials that are required to produce the world's annual demand on turbochargers alone, estimated at 27 million per year on new production vehicles, plus replacement turbochargers and of course the aftermarket and performance markets and this is not restricted to just cars! 

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Electricity Generation from Waste Gas



Owens/Samad Power Energy Recovery Unit Prototype



Owen Developments has provided a number of turbine and compressor combinations to specific companies who are using turbochargers as a power source to drive means of generating electricity. The turbocharger can be modified to run from bio waste burnt in a combustor, the filtered hot gasses then enter the turbine generating rotational energy, which in turn by mechanical or compressor air pressure produces sufficient energy to drive an alternator and generate electricity. Turbocharger design and its applications are an on-going business for which Owen Developments renowned and we will continue to offer expert services to small and large companies alike.

Owen Developments is proud to have played a part in this for so long and it is part of an ongoing R&D strategy to continue in this field. In recent years, additional applications have been identified for the turbocharger market. As with the car manufacturers and their needs, Owen Developments has been engaged in the design and building of bespoke turbocharger assemblies with the aim of generating electricity as a bi-product of waste exhaust gasses.

This development project has already proven to be a complete success in field trials during 2011 and production of these special units started at the beginning of 2012, thereby making the humble turbocharger a huge asset in the world’s drive to reduce waste and find renewable sources of power.

The global concern of energy loss and the need to capturing waste energy is a modern topic for which the turbocharger has been identified as a useful piece of machinery to capture such waste.



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