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Buying a Turbo for Fast Road Use from Owens

When you decide to ask for more performance than you are getting from the standard turbo on your production car, but you intend to use your vehicle on the road as a “normal” daily driver, you're going beyond the limits dictated by the OE vehicle supplier which complies with their strict criteria for production vehicles. Standard turbochargers are not designed for performance but for longevity.  To make this change and improve the performance of the turbo and subsequently the vehicle, there are choices to make.

Owens Mitsubishi Evo IX 71HTA Hybrid

You will find that you can always achieve more performance from the standard turbo on the vehicle with a ‘re-map’ of the ECU, but often this is not enough. The next option is to build a ‘hybrid’ turbocharger, based on the standard unit but with much greater performance potential. This may include a larger turbine wheel and compressor wheel to increase the cars performance but even this option still has its limits, so Owen Developments also offer in many cases a completely different turbo that may bolt straight on, or a bespoke turbo option that may need a new exhaust manifold and down pipe to be made to enable it to fit the car.

Whether the turbo is a hybrid or a bespoke unit it will have upgraded material component parts fitted, like the metal bearing cages from Owen Development’s range of M-Spec upgrades, to cope with the stresses the additional performance puts on the turbocharger.

 Of course this range of turbochargers will typically cost more than a ‘standard replacement’ but not generally as much as you would expect. It is certainly worth finding out what the options and costs are in advance to enable you to pick a turbocharger that will meet your performance requirements and be happy with.

For advice on the specification of your Owen Developments fast road turbocharger, contact the company by phone or email for advice on your particular application or browse the online catalogue for inspiration.


Unique Performance Turbochargers

Irrespective of whether you are an individual looking for a motorsport turbo unit, a single make series in need of control turbochargers or you just want to improve the performance of your road car the Owen Developments experience begins with the same detailed assessment of your performance requirements, combined with component selection and technical advice. Owen Developments believes in long-term working relationships with customers both large and small; the explicit goal is to make every project a friendly, efficient partnership, from initial enquiry to final delivery.


It is critically important that the engine design and the turbocharger sizing are compatible for the vehicles intended use. Here at Owen Developments turbochargers are ‘spec'd’ by a team of dedicated specialist engineers who have the experience and equipment to modify turbochargers to achieve higher performance, whilst considering critical limits such as pressures, stresses, temperatures, flows and speeds of a wide range of high performance products. As part of normal customer service, Owen Developments are happy to advise on turbo specifications, expected performance and installation issues with any of our products. Owen Developments has a peerless reputation for producing innovative bespoke turbocharger solutions that are used globally in a wide variety of motorsport disciplines, including WRC, BTCC, European Rallycross and the FIA F2 championship. Owen Developments unique level of in-house expertise allows the firm to offer high quality motorsport turbochargers that are acknowledged market leaders in performance, reliability and value for money with this experience and knowledge being used on fast road turbochargers as well.


With a fully CNC equipped machine shop, access to a vast catalogue of component options including Owen Developments M-Spec upgrades, state of the art VSR balancing equipment and a depth of practical experience accumulated since the 1980’s, Owen Developments can specify, select and modify the most appropriate individual components to create bespoke turbochargers that exceed customer’s performance and reliability criteria. Regardless of whether the customer is an international race team, an engine builder or someone building a project car everyone receives the same high level of service, technical advice and a unique product for their application.

Owen Developments close links with Garrett turbochargers are acknowledged via Owen Developments status as the official Garrett Performance Turbocharger centre for the European Union, this means Owen Development’s technicians enjoy a direct working relationship with Garrett in the USA encompassing both performance aftermarket and motorsport specific applications, allowing Owen Developments to offer technical advice and solutions competing companies can’t.

Owen Development’s expertise in this field is recognised by motorsport’s leading organisational bodies - the MSA and the FIA - who have selected the firm to supply control single specification motorsport turbo units to the British Touring Car Championship, MINI Challenge and Indy Lights series. Owen Developments also work in collaboration with the world’s leading turbo manufacturers including MHI, TiAL Sport, Precision Turbo & Engine and Turbonetics to source and develop the broadest range of motorsport turbocharger fitments on sale today.

For advice on the specification of your Owen Developments fast road turbocharger, contact the company by phone or email for advice on your particular application or browse the online catalogue for inspiration.




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