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Buying a Turbocharger for Motorsport from Owen Developments

Turbochargers specifically designed for track days, track events and all forms of motorsport - these turbochargers are the ultimate in quality and performance. If you are using your car on a track day or particularly a motorsport racing event you will need a turbo that will give you the ultimate in performance, efficiency and reliability; an M-Spec turbo. These turbochargers are used around the World in a huge variety of applications, from compound turbocharged Top Fuel drag bikes to Rallycross Supercars and everything in between, Owen Developments can offer the same Championship winning performance and reliability to you!


Taking your road car out on a track day is fun and a fairly common activity, but most people do not realize what they are putting the car through during the day, and typically will do more laps of the track than a race car would do at an event – this is why track day use is included with full motorsport applications.

These specially designed turbochargers are built using the highest quality component parts, materials, wheel design aerodynamics and have acutely refined tolerances and balancing (click here for more information on a build). Here at Owen Developments many pure motorsport, race and track turbochargers are built and highly modified to suit the particular application, making them extremely reliable under racing conditions. The individual modifications Owen Developments created for motorsport customers over the years have formed the basis of the M-Spec upgrades now offered to all customers. Each upgrade swaps OEM parts which aren't suited to a motorsport application for components specifically designed by Owen Developments for racing, increasing the performance and reliability of the unit as a whole. Most of turbochargers produced at Owen Developments for Fast Road applications will feature one or more M-Spec components for increased performance and reliability.

Owen Development’s expertise in this field is recognised by motorsport’s leading organisational bodies - the MSA and the FIA - who have selected the firm to supply control single specification motorsport turbo units to the British Touring Car Championship, MINI Challenge and Indy Lights series. Owen Developments also work in collaboration with the world’s leading turbo manufacturers including MHI, TiAL Sport, Precision Turbo & Engine and Turbonetics to source and develop the broadest range of motorsport turbocharger fitments on sale today.

These M-Spec turbochargers take considerably more man hours involved to build, as well as using the highest quality materials, so the turbochargers do come at a premium price, though not as high as you might think.  To avoid an expensive disappointment all customers are advised to discuss their requirements and their race set up well in advance with Owen Developments, otherwise the end result might not be perfect match for the vehicle and not meet all the expectations of the customer.

It is a false economy to purchase anything less than a full motorsport turbo if your application is motorsport based. You will not get the performance or the durability and you risk severe damage to the engine – this could be an extremely expensive to make, but unfortunately a very common one. As the chosen turbo supplier to the British Touring Car Championship, MINI Challenge and Indy Lights, Owen Developments have vast knowledge and ability in the racing field and our service to all our customers includes the same level of expertise and care.

Click here to browse Owen Development’s range of turbochargers.

Remanufacturing and Servicing Motorsport Turbochargers

Owen Developments are able to offer remanufacturing on historic units such as the Garrett MI63 on this Peugeot 405 T16 GR without altering the look or performance of the vehicle or engine bay

Eventually even turbochargers built specifically for motorsport will require regular attention as reliability is of major concern in view of the expense concerned and the importance of the completing the events you have entered.

Owen Developments is an experienced remanufacturer of motorsport turbochargers, from units designed and built in house, such as the current British Touring Car Championship and Indy Lights (Indycar’s feeder series) turbos, to World Rally Championship turbochargers. It’s not just contemporary turbochargers that are remanufactured at Owen Developments. This service is also available on a number of historic units, maintaining their historic performance and look but as a zero miles unit. Motorsport rebuilds are an extremely popular service and therefore Owen Developments hold full stock lines and employ specific staff to ensure everything needed is on hand to remanufacture turbochargers as quickly as possible. Owen Developments know the problems and time restrictions involved in motorsport, the date of the event is the date of the event and it can't be changed, therefore every effort is made to help in these circumstances.

There are no set rules concerning how long a turbocharger should last without a re-build or thorough inspection, as this will depend on the condition of the engine, the level of its tune (power output) and of course the nature and stresses of the competition you are running in. However as a bench mark Owen Developments recommend an inspection and refresh at least twice a season, and every time an engine rebuild has taken place.

Rebuilds are available on any turbocharger, wastegate or blow-off valve held in stock by Owen Developments, as well as on some products from other manufacturers. If you’re unsure if Owen Developments can rebuild your turbo, contact the company by phone or email for advice on your particular unit before sending in your turbo with a filled-out Turbo Inspection Form and your contact details. For more information about the processes used by Owen Developments when remanufacturing turbochargers click here.


Turbos Developed for Controlled Race Series

Owen Developments BTCC Spec Turbocharger



Owen Developments has the ability and experience to offer the service of designing and choosing suitable turbocharger specifications for individual race series. As well as the design and specification Owen Developments can offer building the turbocharger, manufacturing air restrictors if needed, carrying out service and rebuilds throughout the season and inspection of these turbochargers in line with the homologated rules of the series in order to prevent non-conformance.

By choosing Owen Developments as your controlled turbo and wastegate supplier to the series, support, technical help and back-up will be available throughout the year as well as being able to react to any problems or rule changes that may occur during the season - this could be in the way of component or design re-work as necessary.

Owen Developments currently carry out this service for the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) as contracted sole turbo supplier to the entire grid of cars with the TOCA controlled turbocharger since the start of 2011 season and is set to continue until the end of 2015. This period in the BTCC’s history has been marked by larger grids and closer racing than there had been in previous year. From the 2014 season Owen Developments will also be the sole turbo supplier to the MINI Challenge and from 2015 Indy Lights (Indycar’s feeder series).



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